Monday, March 14, 2011


I love playing sand volleyball. I love playing it to an extent that is seriously verging on insanity. I equate this to men who sit around and watch football like it's a religion.

I'm also very competative when it comes to playing volleyball. It's how God made me. I never knew just how competative I was until I discovered sand volleyball and my love therein.

Today I put an e-mail out to my office to let them know that I am starting a team (with most of the team covered because there are a few people I know in my office that love to play as well). I asked who wanted to be on the distribution list for game dates/times and who wanted to play.

Let me just say that a couple of people responded that I'm kinda scared to know how they play. Mostly because, for one person in particular, I know how poorly they play. While that scares me, it is also a challenge to me. I have to learn how to play with people I may not particularly care for and/or who aren't particularly good at it. I have to be able to coach them on how to become better without being rude or ugly.

As much as I may not necessarily be looking forward to learning those lessons, I know I will be blessed for my efforts as long as I ask God to speak through me instead of me taking it on as my own.

My work team is happening Wednesday nights.

This is how much of a nut I am for sand volleyball: I'm also going to be on a team on Thursday nights with my team from last year at church.

Lots of practices to come! I'm so stoked! And I'm heaping praises on God for him providing me the opportunities to coach as well as just be apart of each team.

What are your passions?

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