Saturday, September 20, 2014

Knocking The Dust Off

I'm blogging tonight because, well, I miss writing off the cuff. Whether or not anyone reads this is negligible, really. I miss writing. I miss this creative outlet that purges the soul. Tonight, as I was on my way to the emergency vet, with the pup we got less than a month ago, I was thinking about this post, and I was thinking about why I write, and I realized that I write because life is overwhelming. I write a LOT because life is VERY overwhelming.

In the last couple of years since I stopped blogging, I have gone through therapy, semi-starting a quilting/sewing business, a very stupid (but thankfully short lived) relationship, dealing with the issues surrounding my weight, and getting a dog. That's a lot in 2 years. And it is why I am writing.

The newest addition is the dog. His name is Justice and he is pekingese/beagle mix. Barking is at a minimum, but MERCY is he stubborn! And expensive. My finances haven't caught up with the newest member of our household (the dog), so things are tight right now, but after a LOT of prayer and many tears and a good measure of stress and anxiety, I'm at a place of peace. God has come through in some very big ways in the past, so I am at a place of trust. Trusting that He will be glorified through my circumstances.

My son and the dog are best of friends. This is my first dog as an adult, and my son's first dog ever. They are pretty well bonded, which is nice, but with these recent medical issues with the pup, he will be spending LOADS of time in his kennel for the next couple of weeks, so hopefully after he is healed and back on all four feet (I will gracefully spare you the details, but trust me, you don't want to know), we can resume bonding and cuddling.

I'll write about the quilting/sewing thing and the weight thing in future posts (at least I have topics ready to go, right?), but for now, I pray that you are well and that God shows up in your life in ways that are tailored especially for you!

Good night friends!

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