Monday, May 23, 2011

Prayers Answered, But Not Like Expected


Heavy heart. Sort of. Since May 2nd, I have had an issue with my apartment. A leak in the roof/ceiling that led to a wet wall, problem. My apartment management didn't do anything about it. In comes another storm on May 12th and more water came in. The drywall beneath it continued to be squishy in places.

I rallied to the best of my ability to get out of my lease a month early. No luck. I tried again. Again, no luck.

Today, 21 days after the initial water damage, I call the regional manager for my apartment community. The leasing agent doesn't appear to care, so I skipped over her and went on to someone that could make something happen. She gave me a few excuses and I kind of let it be, however after thinking about it, it was clear that she thought I was having issues with the water spot in the ceiling. The water spot has been there since I moved in, so had that been the reason I had been uppity, I would have been uppity ten months ago.

So I e-mail her my concerns...again. She writes back that mold needs somewhere dark and constantly wet. To my recollection builders don't put lights in the walls (and if they do, I want to know how to turn them off since I can't benefit from them and they are driving up my electricity bill). I email her back, this time attaching pictures, and told her that if I can gently push my wall and and it gives easily under light pressure, moisture is there and there aren't any lights between the interior and exterior wall.

I said it a lot more professionally, but on here, I'm just going to be myself. Quirky. It's how I roll.

I don't get a response.

Fast forward to 5:30 p.m. when I am arriving home from a mentally strenuous day at work (mostly from my mind thinking thoughts that it shouldn't and me trying my hardest to stop it from reeling out of control). A man is standing in my window and he appears to be painting.

I go in, not upset at him by any means, and greet him. Gideon thinks it's cool that he's paining my wall. I inspect (with my carpenter daughter's eyes - thank you Dad for being a carpenter and teaching me many things in that regard) the wall and you can definitely tell that he put a new piece of drywall in. I am thankful. I ask him about the presence of mold, and he talks his way around it. I expected that response. He tells me that he had to replace five feet of wall. I believe it.

After he finished up, I thanked him for his diligence and a job well done. I will be e-mailing the regional manager tomorrow morning, thanking her for ((finally)) taking care of the issue ((21 days later)). I'll leave those little bits out. :)

I am thankful for the problem being resolved, however I was praying for a different resolution. What I wanted to have happen is us being able to move out a month earlier. Sounds odd, right? Well, it could be construed as odd, however that month we would stay with a very dear and sweet friend and her family. They have a house big enough and she and her husband happen to be Gideon's god-parents. They also happen to not like where we live. ((I can't say that I blame them.))

Why did I want to stay with them? Because it would mean a financial break for me. I wouldn't be accruing an electric bill for a month and a half (the new apartment isn't ready until July 15th), I wouldn't have rent due for a month and a half, and it would allow me some financial breathing room.

Yes, I struggle financially. God ALWAYS brings me through whatever storms come my way, and I fully rely on Him to do so, but sometimes I do wish for more than just getting by. I want to build a cushion so that I can sail through those storms just a little more on the graceful/smooth side.

It just occurred to me that God may want me to just keep on depending on Him and not on anything I can do. Of course I know this already, but I think He is trying to remind me of that lesson that I learned the ((very)) hard way over four years ago.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for being dependable. Thank YOU for always getting me through. Thank You for the trials. Thank YOU for prayers answered, even when they aren't answered in the way that I would probably otherwise prefer. I love you and I thank You for all you are for me and all that You do for me. Amen

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