Sunday, May 22, 2011

When Things Get In Our Way

Today, on our way to roller skating, there was a 5th wheel on fire. Think inferno. Flames reached higher than the fire truck that was next to it. Scary! I was the first one stopped by the police (along with three lanes of traffic behind me). in I prayed. I prayed for whoever it belonged to, I prayed that every person was okay, I prayed that God would bless the work of the hands of the emergency crews on site, I prayed for people behind me to be patient. Prayingprayingpraying...

I'm honestly not sure how long we were waiting. Half an hour? Three crews of fire trucks showed up. Four police cars were there. It was interesting/scary. I wasn't afraid of the fire jumping over and making my car explode by any means, but I put myself in those people's shoes. How heart breaking and scary that would be to have something I worked hard to get gone in a second.

Somewhere in the waiting, this woman marches up to a police officer with an envelope. As she is marching, she is frantically digging something out of an envelope. Curious, I watch. My son has his window down, so I can hear her almost as clearly as if she were standing at my window talking to me.

Apparently she had concert tickets that cost her $40.00 each and this "little hold up" was unnecessary and was going to make her late for the concert. Apparently the band wasn't going to wait for them to get there. The police officer motioned towards the now-smouldering (less inferno-like) 5th wheel and, as calmly as I have ever seen, asked her to go back to her car until this was under control.

I can't say I was all that disappointed or upset or unsettled about being stopped. The fire looked bad and things were blowing up inside of it. Frankly, I'd rather be late to just about anything rather than putting my son or myself in harms way. The police officers were doing their job; protecting public safety while ensuring other emergency vehicles could take care of the eminent danger.

How often do we see hold-ups or interruptions to OUR plans as "the world's" way of flipping us the bird? What if it is God's way of saying, "I really need this person prayed for on a massive level and I'm going to take the tragedy that is occurring to them to make that happen!" Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,a who have been called according to his purpose."

Maybe God used that so that people can pray for those involved. Maybe God used that as a way to prevent some catastrophic multi-car pile-up where lots of people would be hurt/injured/maimed/killed/financially devastated? I don't know.

I just keep praying whenever the opportunity arises, and boy does it arise a lot!

God bless you friends!

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